Friday, September 13, 2013

Homemade Napa Cabbage Kimchi

Vegan MoFo #8

This is the easiest kimchi recipe I could muster up.  Traditional kimchi uses fish sauce and soaks the cabbage in a salt bath overnight.  Also the kimchi ferments for weeks. I don't find all this necessary as I am a quick fix kinda gal. This version only takes a day or two or longer depending on your taste.  It keeps in the fridge for months so feel free to double the recipe.  I have great plans for the kimchi, I'm thinking kimchi type stew, kimchi pancakes, kimchi friend rice.  That is if I can stop myself from eating it straight out of the jar.  Mmmmmmm....

This recipe is vegan and gluten-free

Homemade Napa Cabbage Kimchi AKA paechu kimchi

1 head large Napa cabbage, outer layer removed
5 green onions, sliced
3 carrots, julienned or grated
1 green apple grated, you may omit if you like
5 inch piece of ginger
3 tbsp chili flakes, or kochuaru (Korean chili powder) if you can find it
3 tbsp sea salt
1 tbsp tamari or soy sauce if not gluten-free
4 garlic cloves


1. Cut cabbage lengthwise in half, then cut crosswise in 1 inch pieces.  In a large mixing bowl add cabbage, green onions, carrots, and apple.

2.  In a food processor add remaining ingredients and processes.  Add this mixture to the mixing bowl.

3.  You'll have to get your hand dirty with this one and you may need gloves.  Using your hands massage all ingredients together.  The cabbage will start to soften and liquid should start developing.  I would take at least 5 minutes to really getting everything nice and soft.  

4. Leave the mixing bowl out for about 1 hour.  Mix once more and place into glass jars pushing the kimchi down to omit air pockets.  There is no need to sterilize the jars before hand.

5. Leave out on the counter for 1-3 days.  Taste everyday, pressing the ingredients down. I usually like mine the second day. Once you like the taste put the the fridge and keep for 3 or more months, but mine never last more then 2 weeks.  

More yummy Kimichi recipes to come!!!

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