Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Hello, my name is Yana, and this is my blog. Originally from the East Coast my husband and I live in San Francisco with our two dogs Max and Bianca, a Boxer and a Yorkie.  There are many things that I am passionate about in life.  Traveling, my dogs, yoga, my husband, and of course food!  Food is always on my mind, and I always try to push myself to make healthy food. I love to cook, and particularly feel strongly about eating a plant based diet. Not only is it sustainable, it's healthy!  I do still eat fish and cheese sometimes, but mostly what will be in this blog is going to be plant based. I purchase my fruit and vegetables locally at my farmer's market, and I am very lucky to have access to great quality ingredients.

The name Urban Kitchen is a result of living in a city, and having to cook in a small kitchen. The Green part, well I think you get that already. This journey is going to be about great food, and sometimes just living in general. I hope you enjoy my Green Urban Kitchen!

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